A Day in Ricetown: A Ricemonster Activity Book


Meet the Ricemonsters in this tactile and immersive activity book. Enter the adventure, explore Ricetown and help the monsters prepare for Ricecracker’s birthday party. Along the way you will be introduced to many monsters and enjoy drawing, colouring, puzzles and games!

Noodoll has brought it’s unique spin to the world of activity books, alongside Thames and Hudson we have developed an original activity book concept using our popular bookmark characters. Use the six Ricemonster bookmarks to play with each exciting spread, slot the puppets into the pages to decorate, try different outfits, play games and interact with the scenes. There’s even a blank bookmark so you can draw yourself into the story! Visit Ricetache’s art gallery and help paint some pictures, go to the lake an colour some fish or head to Ricemon’s house to help him find his hat, there are so many fun adventures to be had!

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  • CE certified for ages 0+.
  • Made from soft fibres.
  • Embroidered face.
  • Machine washable cold.
  • Size: 20 x 19 cm.

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