Type: Plush Toy
SKU: T99669

Ricehaddock loves to sail across the ocean abord his ship the Ricepearl to find treasures. He has a red eye patch and an anchor tatoo which make him look fierce but he is a very gentle pirate.

Ricehaddock is part of the classic Ricemonster collection. With so many different characters to choose from it’s easy to find your perfect monster match and start collecting the whole gang! Perfect companions both for little ones and the young at heart, Noodoll monsters are a great addition to nurseries, beds, playrooms and sofas from Noodolltown to beyond.

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  • CE certified for ages 0+.
  • Made from soft fibres.
  • Embroidered face.
  • Machine washable cold.
  • Size: 20 x 19 cm.